About Mike Ofoegbu

“And he gave some apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers.” Eph 4: 11

By the special grace of God and to the glory of God, Mike Ofoegbu is an Apostle and prophet of God to the nations.

He is the president, founder and General Overseer of PERFECT WILL OF GOD MISSION (the church after God’s heart). The church has its temporary headquarter at satellite town, Lagos – Nigeria.

Mike Ofoegbu was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Obi Ofoegbu in Anambra State, Nigeria. Mike Ofoegbu is a revivalist. He is the man God used to bring about the prayer revival that has set ablaze the whole earth on the fire of prayer. His book, the DANGEROUS PRAYER SERIES was the very instrument that God used for this end time revival

The Dangerous prayer book was the world Christian best seller after the Bible for some years. God used that book to change the prayer life of the entire Christian world, till date.

As an apostle of prayer by the grace of God, Mike Ofoegbu taught the Christians how to wage and tight spiritual warfare during the day and night.

He successfully did the first 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 31 days, 40 days and 100 days all night prayers (vigil) crusade. People never thought this is possible but God used him to do it.

He introduced the 100 day fasting and prayer to the church and did if for 5 years. He also introduced the 24 hours chain prayers for 100 days. He taught the miracle of the 40 days fasting and prayer and wrote a book about it.

God used him through one of his friend to introduce the Holy Ghost Fire. He brought the word “BACK TO SENDER” and “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and wrote a book about it.

Mike Ofoegbu a yielded vessel of God is not in any way to be praised or clapped for but God who used him be praised and glorified for ever and ever in Jesus name Amen.

To the glory of God, Mike Ofoegbu is a healing and Deliverance Minister who so much believes that anything is possible to anyone that believes

He is a sound teacher and expositor of the mysteries of the word of God. A man of integrity who believes in holiness and righteousness. He is an international conference, seminar, crusade and motivational speaker.

Mike Ofoegbu is married to Apostle Gift and they are blessed with three boys. You will see the rest of what God is doing through him as you read on. To me, Mike Ofoegbu is a man from God. God bless you and prosper your life in Jesus name Amen.

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