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MIKE OFOEGBU is a humble & Sound Man of God, a Spiritual Scientist, Spiritual Engineer, Life Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Developer, and a seasoned Leader with great Knowledge in both Spiritual and Physical things.

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The Author Of Dangerous Prayer Series

He is the senior presiding Bishop of PERFECT WILL OF an apostle of prayer, a spiritual healer, deliverance minister, marriage counsellor, a sound and well experienced expositor and teacher of the divine Word of God.
He is a prolific writer. He has written many Christian literatures of which the Dangerous Prayer series part 1-7 are some of them. He is a well traveled teacher and preacher of the Word of God. He is an End-Time preacher.
He is an Oracle of God, an ambassador of Christ, the Spokesman of the Kingdom of God, a miracle worker who believes in true holiness and righteousness.
In order not to sound his trumpet too loud, it’s better you meet Apostle Mike Ofoegbu in person or one on one and you will say the rest all by yourself.
God bless you and all that is yours for your kind support for Mike Ofoegbu World Outreach Ministries International.

One Of My Vision

We Can Change The World Initiatives
– We can make the world a better place for all to dwell in.
– The earth is big enough to contain all of us and we will dwell together comfortably.

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Apostle Mike Ofoegbu Teachings


Apostle Mike Ofoegbu Teachings


Apostle Mike Ofoegbu @ 2014 Anniversary